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Take back your time. Protect your practice. And be present for the people that matter most.

We started our business without any outside funding, and we bet you did too. We know that every penny counts. And each hour you spend on admin is one hour less you get to share with your patients, family, or self.

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Straightforward, simple pricing

Payment frequency
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Pricing per practitioner

A single pricing plan designed for practitioners caring for their community.

£ 30 /month per active user

Look like the professional you are, simplify scheduling, and organize your practice—all in one place. For less than one missed appointment per month. You only pay for active practitioners. Receptionists and support staff receive complimentary access.

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Features included for every practitioner

Internal Calendars
Secure records database
Automated reminders
Mobile apps for Android and iOS
Importing and exporting
Online Scheduling
Client Portal
Online Payments
Appointment Waiting Lists
Automated File Deletions
Email Marketing
Video Conferencing
Monthly Email Credits

Other benefits

24/7 online support via email
Quarterly product workshops
1:1 onboarding tour

"I went from booking 2 weeks out to filling my calendar 3 MONTHS in advance.

With Welloca, my appointments run smoothly. People turn up on time. They aren't getting their appointments wrong or not showing up. And I'm not spending time chasing people or constantly responding to texts, phone calls, and emails.

I used to only book 2 weeks out. Now I fill my calendar 3 months in advance because I know everything will run on schedule.

Even though my calendar is fuller than it's ever been, I'm working less."

Julia Green
Licensed Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbalist

Rest easy knowing you’re fully compliant

What you need to know: Welloca is fully GDPR compliant.

What we want you to know: We're the world's only security-first platform. That means we've included tons of extra security features to make your practice hack-proof. Like encrypted communication channels, SOC 2 certification, and European servers for all of your data.

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Cancel whenever you want

What you need to know: You can cancel your monthly plan anytime.

What we want you to know: We don't trap you in long-term contracts or guilt trip you if you decide we're not the right fit. It's straightforward and dependable - just like the care you give.

We also provide special discounts for students and non-profits

Just drop us a line if you're still in education and we'll be happy to help you out. Get started for free then send us an email.

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Getting started is easy. Even for non-techies.

Step 1: Start your free trial

You'll access all of Welloca's features from day 1. We'll guide you through the set-up process and make transferring your data easy.

Step 2: Create your calendar

Scheduling is personal. Create appointment types that match the way you work and go live with your professional calendar.

Step 3: Watch the appointments roll in

Share your calendar link on your website or in emails. Clients will take care of scheduling. And you’ll take better care of your clients, family, and self.

Want to start saving time on admin this week?

You’ll get instant access to everything inside Welloca. Plus, our team will even help you create your customised calendar and import your data to make switching seamless.

  • Online calendar management and scheduling

  • Secure client portal with self-service forms

  • Automated reminders and GDPR required file deletions

  • In-app payment processing integrations

  • Secure video conferencing

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